Friday, 31 July 2015

Explanation text : Quiz

My reflection
I was learning to write a explanation  (to describe something or tell the reader how it works). I had to do a quiz (which is above the text) about explanation writing . I thought is was fun because  we had to play a game called Big Babies and when we felt like we knew what explanation text is we had to do this Quiz :Explanation Quiz and upload this to our blogs. My next step is to write my own explanation.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Term 3 Week 2

 Kapa haka
On Tuesday (28th July 2015)the whole school went to the auditorium to watch an amazing Kapa haka group , before they  preform for us we were asked to see which side worked hardest one side was the ants and the other side was the cicadas.   For the first song they played a guitar,ukuleles and a drum , I thought this song was really long but it was a good song possible one of my favorite songs .  The Kapa haka group were an adult/teen Kapa haka group I think they were a adult/teen group.  They're were three boys (some could have been sick) and around ten girls ,  they did about five songs or around about , the girls did a haka with the boys standing in the back doing the same actions as the girls (that was possible the first time I have seen girls do a haka). 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Tree planting

Tree Planting
Everyone was lining up just outside of the classroom waiting for the people who were getting changed.

When everyone was in the line we went down to the back of the field we walked along the gravel pathway when we reached the main location the main speaker Anna told us about how we were destroying our forest's for developments .  Next we got into buddies and Carl showed us how to plant a plant , first we had to get the tip of the shovel dug into the ground four times so that it formed a square then we had to dig to out , now we had to put a fertiliser (a green thingy)in the hole , finally we had to put the plant in use the dirt/clay etc ti fill the gaps and then  stomp on in(NOT THE PLANT)give it a little tug to see if its secure and fin.  Next we got started , I was with Johnny , the plant we planted the most was a cabbage tree plant which went really well and Carl helped us with the digging.  Johnny and I managed to get three done along with the help of Paul and Carl.  Finally we finished up and everyone put they're shovels back were they found them, after that the boot of their car was open and it had a little place were we washed our hands , well the people were behind waiting in line someone passed soap so that people in the line could put soap on they're hands (which was very helpful).  When everyone was finished they lined up into a huge group.  My favorite part was we planted the trees/plants.