Monday, 23 November 2015

Dolphin's swimming

My Reflection
For the Dolphin swimmers we go every Tuesdays and Thursdays, we practice floating, streamlining, front crawl, starfish.  At the start we do warm-ups like run around the pool or we had to try sit down with our legs crossed at the bottom of the pool, and we also did something called Jack in the box, were you jump three times and, go under the third for as long as you can.  At the end of each session we have free time., after free time we get changed in the changing rooms by the pool.

Mathetics Gold

In November 13th 2015 I earned my first Gold !.  But sadly I've only got one because I didn't really play Mathletics that much.  I didn't know that I was going to get one because I thought I only had got sixteen bronzes.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Three Little Ninjas

My reflection
For this task we had to write about a fairy tale but we could change it and move things around.  I thought this was fun because we got to change lots of things around.  I did this task with Johnny.  My next step is to use better words than said and much better describing words/ideas.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Week 6 Term 4

Bike skills
On Wednesday(18th November 2015)we did Bike Skills again, but this time it was a little bit different because, they put out obstacles like a squashed fire hose that we had to ride along(without going off track)and the other activity was that we had to go through two cones that were called 'Gates'. These Gates were setup in a Zig-Zag and we had to ride through them.

First of all when we got there, Kelly was setting-up cones for the beginners so Sataly(I think that's how you spell it)introduced her self.

After we got into our groups, my group was called the MMR's (I'm sure I've told you this in my previous Bike Skills Blog recount). Then we had to get our helmets, there were Small, Medium and Large, and I chose Medium.

Next Kelly toke the groups one-by-one to get their bikes and after we got our bikes, Kelly explained what we were doing, we were practicing using our brakes, but this time the course was set-up differently so that it was going downhill, and when we reached the end we had to brake.

After we had to go to the other course that was set up for us, it had two course's that were the same, so going group by group would go toooooooooooooo long, so my group(MMR's) and Peperoni pizza combined so really we were one big group, and that's what the other side did too.

Finally we did the course one by one. When we finished we just rode across the squashed hose, then we out the bikes back and put our helmets away. The End

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ways people speak

My reflection
I did this with Johnny and Ridwan, for this task we had to fill out all of these little tasks that were related to "Ways people speak". I thought this was easy because the mini tasks were easy.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Reading follow-up

My reflection
For this task we had to read the story "Thumbelina", then we had to find Adverbs, Similes and Adjectives, I didn't really find much Similes or Adverbs because I don't really understand what Similes or Adverbs, but I did find LOTS of Adjectives. I thought this was easy because I got help. My next step is to add more Adverbs and Similes next time.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Narrative Writing

My reflection
I did this task with Johnny and Braxton, for this we had to choose a fairy tales, and remake it how we wanted to(Fractured fairy tales). I thought this was easy and fun because we could make our own fairy tale.

Week 5 Term 4

Bike skills 
On Wednesday the Year 5's went to Bike skills, if your wandering what bike skills is then its just improving/make you more confident when riding your bike.

First, when we got there, Kerry introduced herself, and so did her assistant. So when they finished we had to line up, in our groups my group was called 'Mountain Marshmallow Riders' also our group short name is the 'MMR' so then we had to choose a helmet there were three types, large, medium and small I choose medium because that's how big my head is.

Then we had to go up to grab our BMX bikes, so first of all we had to practice braking, then after we had to practice indicating with our arm's.

Finally, it was time for FREE TIME, so for free time we had to ride around the field twice, next we finished up by taking off our helmets, and putting them in their piles. The End

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Week 4 Term 4

Handball squash
This is a game that Quinn made up, its squash but a few rules were added, and it's with a handball.

So first are the rules, first if the handball goes out your out, if you hit the handball and it does not bounce and it hits the wall your out, if it bounces and hits the wall and if the handball bounces off the wall and goes out your out, if you throw the ball and it hits the wall and the ground then its paper scissors rock, if the person who did a corner(that's what we call when the ball hits the ground and wall at the same time)loses then they are out, but however if they win then they are still in, we use one square, and the wall beside that certain square and however there are no TRICKS, because everyone thinks that's unfair.

So now we just played it today and Johnny or Quinn won the most games in a row, I almost went around the world but I just got myself out, in my opinion I think this is fun, because I love Handball, this morning only me and Johnny were here so Johnny and I practised(really that's what we do every morning).

Narrative writing

My reflection
For this task we had to choose a book on display in the classroom , or watch a video that the teachers found, or we could go to these two pages that had a Fairy tale. I thought this was easy because I had the book with me. My next step is to add more information and detail for my text.

Determining Credibillty

My reflection
We had to find out information about the two websites, one was Dog island and the other was called Dog resort. We had to tick YES if the website had it, or NO if the website didn't have it,also the amount of YES proved if the website was trustworthy so 0-13 meant it was a dud ,and a terrible website , 13-17 meant it you had to proceed with caution and 18-22 means that the site was a WINNER. I did this task with Johnny. I thought this was easy because all the info was all in one place.