Thursday, 5 November 2015

Week 4 Term 4

Handball squash
This is a game that Quinn made up, its squash but a few rules were added, and it's with a handball.

So first are the rules, first if the handball goes out your out, if you hit the handball and it does not bounce and it hits the wall your out, if it bounces and hits the wall and if the handball bounces off the wall and goes out your out, if you throw the ball and it hits the wall and the ground then its paper scissors rock, if the person who did a corner(that's what we call when the ball hits the ground and wall at the same time)loses then they are out, but however if they win then they are still in, we use one square, and the wall beside that certain square and however there are no TRICKS, because everyone thinks that's unfair.

So now we just played it today and Johnny or Quinn won the most games in a row, I almost went around the world but I just got myself out, in my opinion I think this is fun, because I love Handball, this morning only me and Johnny were here so Johnny and I practised(really that's what we do every morning).

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