Friday, 30 October 2015

Quinns birthday

On Sunday Quinn invited Rhys , Johnny and I to his birthday party is was at a place called Skateland.

 When we got there we got our tickets and with those tickets you had to choose which skates you wanted there was Inlineskates or Rollarskates and also the cool thing was that if you didn't like the skates or size then you could swap them.

 First I chose Rollar stakes and everyone else chose Inline stakes , I didn't really like Rollar skates so I changed to Inline skates , I didn't really get the hang of it so I stuck to the side of the rink

 After that it was time to eat , everyone took a handful of lollies , to be honest I mostly ate the carrot sticks because I love carrots.

When we finished the person who was playing the music announced that there was going to be age group races Quinn won the 11 and under race and the next few were like skating backwards for the grown ups and the Monkey crawl(which was for everyone).

When we finished skating we drop Rhys off and Johnny and My parents were waiting at Quinn's place/house The End.

Author bias :Reading follow-up

My reflection
For this task we had to make up an article or use a real one but I made this one up. We had to type to versions of the same article one had to be Biased the other had to be balanced.I thought this was easy because Mrs.Cartwright helped me.

Character description writing 3

My reflection
For this task we had to write a character description about our Nana or Grandpa. I found this tricky because I didn't know how to explain it. My next step is to add more detail in my text

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week 2 Term 4

The Library
Yesterday(Monday 19th October)our class went to the Library Mrs.Graham took us , the class. First we were talking about Non-fiction books and how they have a diagram to help explain/support the facts we talked about that for a while I think lots of people learnt new things.

 Next when we finished we had to browse for non-fiction books I started reading these books about space my first book about space was called "Black Holes" then my second/final book I read was "How deep is Outer Space" I think how deep is outer space was way more interesting than black holes , also in that time we had to be quiet.

 After that finished we got to browse(it wasn't non-fiction books)I found this book called "Spirit animals" and got really into it but sadly I didn't get to finished it because we had to go back down on to the mat(In the library)well Mrs.Graham read us a book called Though the pages (I think that's what it's called), out of my opinion + the classes i'm pretty sure they all thought it was rubbish because we had no idea what was going on in the story  .

Next when we finished the story some people got their book's and Mrs.Graham ask some people to tidy up the book marker , by the time we reached the door the bell went for the Morning eating . So by the time we(the boys)went to the cloak bay the door was locked and Nadia went around to unlock the door so everybody went to Morning tea.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fact or Opinion

My reflection
For this we had to find out what was a fact and what was an opinion . For the start (the first activity on this page)I got mixed/confused with the Facts and Opinion. I thought this was tricky because the part where you have to find three facts about the person who the author is talking about.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Probability with Yahtzee follow-up

My reflection
I was learning to express what is more likely or less likely. I had to answer questions that were based on probability and also do things based around using dice. I thought it was tricky because I got stuck on a question.

The holidays

The holidays
In the holidays , my sisters went down to my Nana's for one week. In that time I helped Mum with lots of things(mainly cleaning). I thought it was kind of boring because there was nothing to do, so I just watched TV and went outside. The other thing was that we visited a Kohanga reo for my little brother , usually my Dad looked after at home well my Mum was at work , but instead Acc was finding a job for him and he had to do that for 4 weeks , anyway we'll we were at the Kohanga my Mum and Dad were sorting out things , my brother and I had watch our little brother outside , we couldn't be too loud because they(the 4 year olds I think)were sleeping , after that we went home. When my sisters came home I groaned because they always annoy me. Well that's basically what I did.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fact finding in Non-fiction texts

My reflection
I was learning to summarise information by skimming and scanning . I had to find three articles , one had to be a National article , the next one had to be a sports article and the final article was our own choice(This website is Kiwi kids news). I thought it was fun because we could chose a article of our own choice. My next step is to practice finding the main ideas.