Friday, 30 October 2015

Quinns birthday

On Sunday Quinn invited Rhys , Johnny and I to his birthday party is was at a place called Skateland.

 When we got there we got our tickets and with those tickets you had to choose which skates you wanted there was Inlineskates or Rollarskates and also the cool thing was that if you didn't like the skates or size then you could swap them.

 First I chose Rollar stakes and everyone else chose Inline stakes , I didn't really like Rollar skates so I changed to Inline skates , I didn't really get the hang of it so I stuck to the side of the rink

 After that it was time to eat , everyone took a handful of lollies , to be honest I mostly ate the carrot sticks because I love carrots.

When we finished the person who was playing the music announced that there was going to be age group races Quinn won the 11 and under race and the next few were like skating backwards for the grown ups and the Monkey crawl(which was for everyone).

When we finished skating we drop Rhys off and Johnny and My parents were waiting at Quinn's place/house The End.

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