Friday, 15 April 2016

Popplet - R22 Powhiri For Clendon Park School

 My Reflection
The purpose of doing this was to brainstorm for the perfect recount.  I will remember this in the future because Popplet helped me to brainstorm.  I enjoyed typing this up because the memories from the day came back to me.  It felt pleasant to brainstorm about our Powhiri because it was a lively.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Korowai Slides

My Reflection
Walt clarify what we read to help with understanding, and create questions to show understanding.

In this class we have been learning about Korowai, because that was our subject/inquiry for Term 1, the most valuable part of learning about Korowai was learning the definition for the words I didn't know the meaning of .  I will remember this work in the future because it helped me by learning about Korowai and finding out the definition of words(which will hopefully help me in the future).  I found this Hard to complete because we had to create I wonder questions.