Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week 2 Term 4

The Library
Yesterday(Monday 19th October)our class went to the Library Mrs.Graham took us , the class. First we were talking about Non-fiction books and how they have a diagram to help explain/support the facts we talked about that for a while I think lots of people learnt new things.

 Next when we finished we had to browse for non-fiction books I started reading these books about space my first book about space was called "Black Holes" then my second/final book I read was "How deep is Outer Space" I think how deep is outer space was way more interesting than black holes , also in that time we had to be quiet.

 After that finished we got to browse(it wasn't non-fiction books)I found this book called "Spirit animals" and got really into it but sadly I didn't get to finished it because we had to go back down on to the mat(In the library)well Mrs.Graham read us a book called Though the pages (I think that's what it's called), out of my opinion + the classes i'm pretty sure they all thought it was rubbish because we had no idea what was going on in the story  .

Next when we finished the story some people got their book's and Mrs.Graham ask some people to tidy up the book marker , by the time we reached the door the bell went for the Morning eating . So by the time we(the boys)went to the cloak bay the door was locked and Nadia went around to unlock the door so everybody went to Morning tea.

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