Thursday, 19 November 2015

Week 6 Term 4

Bike skills
On Wednesday(18th November 2015)we did Bike Skills again, but this time it was a little bit different because, they put out obstacles like a squashed fire hose that we had to ride along(without going off track)and the other activity was that we had to go through two cones that were called 'Gates'. These Gates were setup in a Zig-Zag and we had to ride through them.

First of all when we got there, Kelly was setting-up cones for the beginners so Sataly(I think that's how you spell it)introduced her self.

After we got into our groups, my group was called the MMR's (I'm sure I've told you this in my previous Bike Skills Blog recount). Then we had to get our helmets, there were Small, Medium and Large, and I chose Medium.

Next Kelly toke the groups one-by-one to get their bikes and after we got our bikes, Kelly explained what we were doing, we were practicing using our brakes, but this time the course was set-up differently so that it was going downhill, and when we reached the end we had to brake.

After we had to go to the other course that was set up for us, it had two course's that were the same, so going group by group would go toooooooooooooo long, so my group(MMR's) and Peperoni pizza combined so really we were one big group, and that's what the other side did too.

Finally we did the course one by one. When we finished we just rode across the squashed hose, then we out the bikes back and put our helmets away. The End

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