Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Week 5 Term 4

Bike skills 
On Wednesday the Year 5's went to Bike skills, if your wandering what bike skills is then its just improving/make you more confident when riding your bike.

First, when we got there, Kerry introduced herself, and so did her assistant. So when they finished we had to line up, in our groups my group was called 'Mountain Marshmallow Riders' also our group short name is the 'MMR' so then we had to choose a helmet there were three types, large, medium and small I choose medium because that's how big my head is.

Then we had to go up to grab our BMX bikes, so first of all we had to practice braking, then after we had to practice indicating with our arm's.

Finally, it was time for FREE TIME, so for free time we had to ride around the field twice, next we finished up by taking off our helmets, and putting them in their piles. The End

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