Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My recount postcard

I was learning to use interesting and exciting words when I write a recount.  I think I used great words like freezing, boiling and deadly.  I could make it better by adding more interesting words.  I need to remember to use these words in my other writing too.


Mrs K said...

Yes that was a great family trip!!!! Goat Island is one of my favourite places to go because the water is sooo clear and it looks beautiful. I don't think you're allowed to fish there though because it is a marine sanctuary?? Can't wait to visit next summer!!!!! Perhaps Hank might like to visit there too sometime :-)

Mrs Hodge said...

I enjoyed reading your postcard, Mauriora. Goat Island is one of my favourite places too. I have taken some of my classes there and been out on the glass bottomed boat.

My youngest daughter showed me today what happens if you touch a bluebottle jellyfish- it burnt her skin and still looks awful. Never touch a jellyfish even it is dead on the sand.

Keep up your lovely writing.

Ms M said...

What a great recount Mauriora. You have written a great description in a short piece of writing. Well done!