Thursday, 6 August 2015

Term 3 Week 3

On Tuesday (4th August 2015) Youthtown came and we played games to practice our dribbling.  For our warm up we played a game called Shark , Ship and shore , there  we two blue cones lined up so that they were about 10 meters away from each other , the way you play is one of the Youthtlwn instructors would call out Shark , shore or ship and if they say one for example if they said shark we had to run to the middle and when we reached the middle we had to put our hands above our head so that it looked like a fin from a shark , and if they said shore we had to run to the other side of the court and wiggle our hands as if we were surfing and finally if they said ship we had to run to the opposite side of shore and when we got their we had to salute , the rules where that if we had run to slow we we're out , or if we ran the wrong way or did the wrong action we're out.  The next game we played was like Last man standing but we had to bounce a ball around , what you had to do was you had to hit someone else's ball out of the court , but if you saved the ball from going outside of the square then your not out but at the same time we still had to dribble and every time 5 people (I think) got out we got smaller smaller space which I thought was really fun , and for the last round it was me .vs Aaron we hit our basketballs at the same time and they both rolled out of the circle.

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Mrs K said...

You love Youthtown and that's great to see. You've also developed a love of reading and this will most certainly help you with your writing. Ka mau te wehi xoxoxox mum