Thursday, 24 September 2015

Recount : Koanga festival

Have you ever done a kapa haka performance ?

On a cold windy Saturday it was the Koanga festival and mostly all the kapa haka (not all)groups have been waiting for the whole year.

First we had to go up to Room 27 at Elim Collage and wait outside because the girl's were getting changed and ready, well we were waiting the boys got mokos on both cheeks.  some people got special forehead mokos because they were either leading a song or a haka.

Next the girl's finally finished, so the boys had to get changed behind a bookshelf(can you believe this !?)

After that we went though our performance twice but in the middle of our second practise it was time to perform.

We lined up behind a black board and straight up ahead I could see the stage.We walked up on the stage(in our lines)finally we performed , I got really nervous but I managed to get over it soon enough.

After we finished , everyone walked of stage and went behind this black fabric and a path lead us outside. We walked back up to Room 27 to get changed the same way we did before.

Finally when we finished we sat down and did a Karakia and finished up

In conclusion I hoped that this recount was great

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