Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Comparing Characters

This is my venn diagram I did it on an ipad its for a story called terabitha we were seeing whats the same and whats not the same with the two main people it was bit tricky and fun 
it took me almost an hour (i know theres not much) it was two kids that found this place were you could meet giants (BUT THEY HATED THEM)I did it with a buddy it was half and hour to do it.

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Mrs K said...

Interesting Venn Diagram MK - did you read the book or watch it as a movie? Although I haven't read it myself it seems like quite an interesting story and one I might like to read in the future. What APP did you use to create it? I think you've done plenty - you've filled up both circles and the one in between! Ka pai koe :-)