Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Name Art

Rm 28/29 did name art we used cold and warm Colours we used the warm colours in our name and the cold colours in the background .I felt Happy


Mrs K said...

Tino Rawe!!! Wow MK - I love this artwork. I especially think the background is awesome because it reminds me of koru's. I am so impressed I think I will use this idea with my class next year!! What did you use to colour in with?? Crayons? pastels? Jovi's? What could you have done beforehand to make sure you fit your whole name in on the one line? Tumeke!!!

Ms M said...

Mauriora, you followed the colouring pattern perfectly to complete this picture. The warm colours really make your name stand out with the cooler colours in the background. Ka pai!